Can you Arrive Locally?

Many women dream of losing their belly fat and at the same time retaining the shapes around the breasts or buttocks. Unfortunately I have bad news: it is very difficult or even impossible to link local fat. On the other hand, it is possible to arrive locally. In popular language we call this the ‘shaping’ of your body. Read here how you can work on the shape of specific parts of your body.

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Shapen off your body

By training it is possible to accentuate certain points. For example, if you train your buttocks or arms for a number of months, you will naturally get more shape in your arm muscles. If you combine this with a calorie surplus (more energy in than out) you develop extra muscle mass. This will automatically tighten your buttocks or arms. Unfortunately, a calorie surplus is often accompanied by an increase in fat percentage . Do you want to arrive slowly, specifically at the places you train? Try to sit a little above your energy balance so that the extra energy does not nestle where you just do not want it.


For women this means, for example, that they can strengthen and enlarge their gluteal muscles by doing specific exercises . You often see that it is difficult, for example, to burn the last piece of lobe on your stomach. If you do succeed, it will often be at the expense of a cup size or your nice round buttocks. Fortunately, there is a solution for this, and that is a targeted and specific training schedule in combination with a healthy and protein-rich diet . For example, try to train your legs and buttocks twice a week. Combine this with a healthy diet and plenty of rest. You will naturally notice that you see a good result in the mirror after a few months.


If men lose weight, this can quickly come at the expense of their leg muscles or arm muscles. How do you prevent this? By training a muscle group 1 or 2 times a week it is possible to strengthen, maintain and even grow the muscle. Do you notice that your arm muscles decrease during weight loss? Try to lose weight more slowly and moreover combine this with extra strength training and a protein-rich diet. Try to train every muscle group once a week.

How quickly do you expect results?

As a man it is possible to gain four to eight kilos of muscle mass in the first training year. This progression decreases over time. This is also referred to as the reduced additional yield . Unfortunately, the development of extra muscle mass is usually also accompanied by an increase in fat percentage. This happens especially when men try to arrive quickly. Some people simply turn on fat quickly when they bulge . If this is bothering you, it is better to bulge clean and the process is a bit slower…

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