4 Tips to Slim the Skin around your Neck

Your internal health can be read by your appearance. That is why it is so important to follow a diet that can eliminate toxins, improve hydration and use the vitamins and minerals on a food basis, which have a direct effect on the tightness of your skin.

It is not nice or pleasant to see fat that collects around your neck, because you sometimes look older than you really are. We know that it is difficult to fight and that some women turn to plastic surgery, but we will show you a few simple steps to slim the skin around your neck.

Simple steps to slim your neck

Why does that hanging skin appear there anyway? The bottom line is that the muscles under your jaw lose their tight appearance over time. Our eating habits, a lack of hydration and the loss of definition all cause your skin to sag and thus change the appearance of your face. But with a little effort and a few simple strategies you can reduce the sagging appearance of your neck. Let’s see how!

1. Health

1. Apple and beet juice: This tasty, refreshing and nutritious juice is an excellent method to eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention. For example, you can drink a glass before eating to better digest nutrients, feel full after every meal and improve the health of your skin. This is the perfect natural detoxification to achieve your goals.

2. Melon juice: One of the best juices you can drink. Melons are an ideal tool to repair the texture of your skin and prevent unsightly fat deposits under your jaw. To get all the benefits from a melon, it is best to mix a glass of melon juice with a glass of water. It is not only tasty, but it is also healthy.

3. Lime and mint: A fantastic antioxidant, detoxifier and repairer. Lime juice contains exactly the right amount of antioxidants to fight free radicals in our bodies. In addition, the detoxifying properties help us to prevent fluid accumulation and to neutralize toxins. Moreover, in combination with the “magic” of mint, you have a liquid skin freshener.

2. Vitamin E for flexibility and tightness

It is recommended to use more vitamin E , because this substance is of vital importance to keep your skin firm and elastic. It helps to slim the skin off your neck. You can get more vitamin E by eating more leafy vegetables, just like brown rice, germ or wheat oil, rye, legumes, nuts and apples. If you are looking for an intensive or healthy way to get more vitamins, talk to your doctor if you can get a prescription or prescription for complete vitamins.

3. Masks and peels

A facial mask based on wheat germ oil is a good tool in the fight against a sagging skin on the chin. Wheat germ contains a lot of vitamin E and is therefore ideal for hydration, improved skin texture and tighter skin around the jaw line. So apply every day a wheat germ mask to the area around your jaw line and neck and you will see the results bit by bit. Often, simple means better than expensive creams .

4. Exercises for a firm jaw and to slim down the neck

These simple exercises help you to get a younger, firmer neckline. Remember that your skin in these areas of your body is tight against the muscle structure and that your skin follows automatically when you tighten these muscles. It’s about consistency. That’s how you do that:

The first exercise is simple: turn the tip of your tongue rounds against your palate, clockwise. Keep your back straight and close your mouth. This exercise focuses on the jaw. Repeat this three times a day, with ten circles at a time.

Vocal clinker exercises are also important and can be fun. Speak all vowels with exaggerated movement. You do not have to shout as long as you make the movements quiet with your throat and mouth. Do it daily in blocks of 10 times. This is the perfect exercise to practice your vocal muscles at the bottom of your neck.

Also use a few laughter exercises and you will notice the benefits quickly enough. Make a reverse smile, with as much tension as possible on your neck muscles. Perfect! Repeat this 10 times at a time and remember to be consistent.

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